Zrinka Bačić

Category: Arts & CultureCountry: Italy

Zrinka is from the island of Pašman, and has been living in Rome for 27 years where she works in the Croatian Embassy. Her selfless engagement in support of Croatia begins at the time of the Homeland War through her proactive participation and organization of relief activities and by assisting Croatian refugees in finding accommodation and employment. For a number of years she has been intensively devoted to numerous activities aimed at promoting the Republic of Croatia in Italy. In 2012, she founded the Croatian football team “Croazia” in Rome, and was then the creator of the “Football Friendship Tournament” project, in which numerous foreign Embassies in Rome participated. She is one of the founders and vice-presidents of the cultural association of the Croatian-Italian mosaic Rome. Founded in 2015, the Association hosts an outstanding number of successful events focused on the preservation of Croatian language and culture, connecting Croats in the diaspora with their homeland and the promotion of Croatia in Italy. The Association, was awarded a Večernjakova domovnica in 2017. Zrinka is also active in the promotion of Croats in the Molise region, and vice-president of the Jedna Musika association.

Published on August 28, 2022