Prof. dr. sc. Antoinette Kaić Rak

Category: Science & TechnologyCountry: Republic of Croatia

Doctor, Head of the Office of the World Health Organization in Croatia.

Antoinette Kaić-Rak, is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zagreb, and a specialist in social medicine in the organization of health care. She was born in 1959 in Virovitica, and graduated from the Medical School, University of Zagreb in 1982, MSc 1990, PhD 1996, University of Zagreb. Her disser-tation was titled “The Role of diet and other life styles in the development of intestinal metaplasia-precancerous lesion of gastric cancer. “ She worked at the Croatian Institute for Public Health, UNICEF and the World Health Organization and has published over 120 scientific articles. Antoinette was awarded the Homeland Gratitude Testimonial and has been a regular member of the Croatian Medical Academy since 1999. She has headed the WHO Country Office in Croatia since 2001.

Published on August 28, 2022