Nada Pritisanac Matulich

Category: PhilanthropyCountry: United States of America

Nada Pritisanac Matulich, born in the Slavonia region, is a volunteer director of Croatian School in Los Angeles where she also launched a school of Authentic Croatian cuisine. She is active in numerous Croatian organizations including the St. Anthony parish in Los Angeles. Each year, she leads a group of Croatians dressed in traditional Croatian folk costumes to a Multicultural mass for world peace attended by catholic groups of all nationalities who live in Southern California.

She is President of the Croatian World Congress USA, an organization that she re-invigorated three years ago. She was elected to her second term as National coordinator of 2020 Croatian World Games – Team USA. She is currently working on a numbers of projects: a project to enable global networking of Croatians; another one titled “The Tie Project” (“Kravata”), with the goal of collecting ties of prominent Croatians all across the USA so as to gather and present them as an exhibit.

Published on March 6, 2024