Liliana Čanadić

Category: Leadership & InnovationCountry: Canada (YellowKnife)

Chief Operating Officer, Government of Northwest Territories, Health and Social Services Authority – Yellowknife Region

Lilana Čanadić was born in Croatia to a young unwed mother who had no choice but to leave her in the care of people who care and support her to this day. Liliana graduated from nursing school and soon after started her life of adventure. Having worked as a nurse in Croatia, then Libya and then Canada, she has enjoyed growing her own skills and supporting young women to be their very best self every day of their life. Over her 29-year management career this drive continues. Her fondest hope is to positively influence those who work with her, for her friends and family to be proud, strong and the best they can be every day.

Published on August 28, 2022