Isabella Grandić

Country: Canada

Isabella Grandić is a life-long learner, researcher and developer and is passionate about leveraging technology to solve some of humanity’s hardest, most pressing problems. Her mission is to impact billions. Currently, that entails building her toolbox of skills and mental models working with 3D printing technology, Artificial Intelligence, Cellular Agriculture and Nanotechnology. Over the past year she spent her time learning about different fields of tech, speaking at large conferences like Microsoft Ready, C2 Montreal and BC Tech summit, and going through Olympic-level mindset training. This year, Isabella is working full time on The Knowledge Society (a school of the future focused on training the next generation of innovators, aged 13-17) working as the Program Success Manager, managing programs in Boston, Las Vegas, NYC, USA and Ottawa and Toronto, Canada. Having spoken at conferences like Microsoft Ready, C2 Montreal, WNorth and BCtech summit and Elevate, at the World’s Largest AI conference Isabella is also an upcoming speaker at World Summit AI and IKEA Digital Festival in Copenhagen. She’s worked on solving global energy supply (on the Amazon Prime TV Show: The Social Movement), gotten a standing ovation at the T-mobile Arena and even did a project to advance artificial wombs.

Published on August 28, 2022