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Welcome to the Croatian Women’s NetworkTM/Mreža Hrvatskih Žena

A global forum for the advancement, dialogue and education of and about women’s issues.

Our members are successful women from around the world, who share Croatian heritage and ancestry and come together to celebrate achievements, to inspire, champion and mentor younger generations. Become a member today and join a network of incredible women who celebrate, champion and connect like-minded members around the world.

  • Welcome to the Croatian Women’s NetworkTM/Mreža Hrvatskih Žena

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Our mission is to celebrate, champion and connect women of Croatian descent the world over.

Statistics bear out the fact that the advancement of women throughout a country is a critical factor in achieving overall economic advancement. We know that by supporting the economic strength of the female work force we stimulate significant economic achievement for local communities and positively influence the national GDP of a country. Imagine what we can accomplish when we unite women across the world? Our members work together to create business opportunities, grow their networks and to champion and mentors future leaders.

Croatian Women of Influence Award and Future Leaders Award

Hrvatska ženska mreža / Mreža Hrvatskih Žena i hrvatski Žene nagradu utjecaj je mehanizam za povezivanje uspješne žene iz cijelog svijeta, who share Croatian ancestry and heritage, to celebrate their achievements, to inspire, champion and mentor younger generations.

The Croatian Women of Influence Award recognizes leadership, innovation and community impact of women of Croatian ancestry and it is conferred to nominees from the Republic of Croatia and from the vast Croatian diaspora. A companion Top-20-Under-20 Future Leaders award is conferred to enterprising young women from the ages of 16-20. Future Leader award winners have the opportunity to partner with a network champion and mentor to assist them in developing their projects. Awards are presented annually at a gala event held in Croatia on International Women’s Day.

“These awards provide a platform for showcasing the rich contribution of female leaders of Croatian decent in academia, arts and culture, business, the military, philanthropy and sport. We have the opportunity to inspire future leaders and connect distinguished women globally.” ~ Caroline Spivak, Founder Croatian Women’s Network/Mreža Hrvatskih Žena