Viktorija Knežević

Category: Leadership & InnovationCountry: Republic of Croatia

Viktorija Knežević is a successful entreprenuer and lawyer hailing from Dubrovnik where she has built one of the largest legal practices in that city, serving local and international clients. Through her professional association, Prospectus, Viktorija has initiated numerous projects with the goal of advancing communities, expanding entrepreneurship and incepting creative ideas. A key innovation of which is the launch of the online portal Ocijeni Me, meaning “evaluate me” which allows the general public to write up their experiences when dealing with public servants. Akin to a Trip Advisor or client experience portal this, first-of-its-kind public testimonial site could eventually have a positive impact on public administration and services – funded by tax dollars and provided to citizens. Driven by her life’s motto, “Fortune favours the bold”, Viktoria is an inspiration to us all.

Published on August 28, 2022