Sara Kolak

Category: SportCountry: Republic of Croatia

Sara Kolak is a 22 year-old Croatian javelin record-holder from Ludbreg. She claimed her first bronze medal in the European Junior Championships in 2013 and winning her second bronze medal at the World Junior Championships in 2014. Two years later she began to compete at the senior levels. Incredibly, Sara became an olympic gold medalist at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games held in Rio de Janiero, her first Games following her recovery from a severe back injury and subsequent surgery. Commenting on her incredible feat of success then president of IAAF, Sebastian Coe, named Sara the greatest success story of those summer Olympic Games. Continuing to shatter records, Sara trumped her own personal-best record at the 2017 Diamond League Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland netting a world-record setting best distance throw. Sara’s achievements are a clear demonstration that a strong committment, faith in oneself and sheer persistence can result in achieving the seemingly impossible.

Published on August 28, 2022