Nika Pinter

Title: Prosecutor
Category: Leadership & InnovationCountry: Republic of Croatia

A believer in true justice, Nika Pinter currently represents Croatian General Slobodan Praljak before the ICTY in The Hague where six Croat political and military leaders were convicted in 2013 of participating in a joint criminal enterprise to establish a Croat state in Bosnia. A Zagreb Prosecutor, The judgment condemns the leaderships of both Herceg-Bosna and Croatia and is contrary to historical facts. The trial was one of the longest and most document heavy cases in the Tribunal’s history and is currently at the appeal stage. Ms. Pinter has taken upon herself the immense task of defending the legacy of the HVO in Bosnia Herzegovina which, if left unchallenged, will leave misinterpreted facts as historical consequences. Her commitment to justice is real and her work should be recognized and commended.

Published on August 27, 2022