Mirjana Marčinko Šmit

Category: EntrepreneurshipCountry: Republic of Croatia

Owner and Culinary Maven, Swetter than Sweet

Sweeter than Sweet s a web page that is a product of Mirjana Šmit, a professional teacher, amateur confectioner, cook and photographer. This web page was launched five years ago at the urging and great support of her family, on her 45th birthday. Her goal was to publish at least one cookbook by her 50th birthday. She managed to publish three cookbooks in that period: Sweeter than Sweet, Something Salty and 101 crepes. In trying to balance a teaching career and working on the web page and the cookbooks was taking an increasing toll so three years ago Mirjana made the leap and left her day job and started my on company. She hasn’t looked back. In addition to developing and publishing her cookbooks and designing recipes, Mirjana photographs her food and films video recipes for Croatian and foreign companies and advertisers including boxes of Bambi Plazma cookies. Her recipes, photographs and videos are available on her social networks that enjoy 80 000 followers.

Published on August 28, 2022