Jelena Lara Marinković

Future Leader/Buduća LidericaCountry: Republic of Croatia/Republika Hrvatska

Jelena Lara Marinković is pursuing her BA degree in Mathematics at the University of Zagreb. Since starting high school she has been active in debate club which immensely shaped her interests ranging from social systems and ecology to the use and development of artificial intelligence. As a member of the national debating team of Croatia she has competed in various tournaments throughout Europe. In 2018 Jelena Lara won the National debating competition. She is an active member of the Croatian debate society where she serves as an adjudicator and coach. Jelena Lara is currently enrolled in a program that teaches young people about green politics of the EU: EGAT 2019. Her participation at various youth conferences made her realize that such events can have an important impact on young people to create a better future. This lead to Jelena Lara joining forces with two colleagues from Slovenia who together are in the process of organizing a conference specifically for high school students focusing on raising awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability and protection.

Published on August 28, 2022