Elizabeth Kera

Category: Science & TechnologyCountry: United States of America

Dr. Kera was born in the USA, but her roots are from Nin, Croatia. Her parents instilled the value of her culture early on during their yearly trips to Croatia to visit family. As an undergraduate at NYU, she wanted to be more involved in representing her community, and became president of the Croatian Cultural League, a student club on campus. During her graduate studies, Dr. Kera founded the Croatian Neuropsy-chology Group to bring those in the field of Croatian descent closer together. Today, she serves as a consultant for several companies involved in pharmaceutical research trials. She has translated neuropsychological tests into Croatian, and serves as a rater to oversee the administration, scoring, and interpretation of cognitive tests in dementia studies conducted in Croatia. She hopes to continue such endeavors that tie together her love of her culture and her passion for neuropsychology.

Published on August 28, 2022