Dr. Zorka Kinda-Berlaković

Category: Arts & CultureCountry: Australia

Prof. Dr. phil. Andrea Zorka Kinda-Berlakovich is a Burgenland Croat. She studied South-Slavic languages and literature at the Universities of Vienna, Zagreb and Zadar, as well as Pedagogy, Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Vienna. In 2002, she was awarded a PhD in South-Slavic Languages (U. of Vienna) with a thesis on bilingual education of Burgenland Croats. Since 1997, she has been employed at the Dept. of Slavonic Studies at the U. of Vienna. In 2016 she was appointed Professor of Croatian Language and Linguistics at the University College of Teacher Education Burgenland. Her research interests lie in bilingual education and development and the position of the Croatian language in Austria. She has authored or co-authored 10 books and some 100 scientific papers and publications and has and contributed to Croatian-German dictionaries and grammar books. She serves on the editorial boards of two internationally recognised academic journals. She is a member of the Language Commission of the Scientific Institute of Burgenland Croats and she is the Croatian scientific consultant for the the nationally-organised school-leaving exam (A-levels). She is co-founder and vice-president of the Austrian Society for Croatistics.

Published on August 28, 2022