Dr. Suzana Hlatki-Matijević

Category: Leadership & InnovationCountry: Republic of Croatia

Business Unit Manager, Croatia Abbott Laboratories

Suzana Hlatki Matijević is a graduate of the Medical School at the University of Zagreb (1998) and commenced pharmaceu-tical industry career. She was involved in bringing different medicines from various fields to Croatia so that Croatian pa-tients would be treated according to world standards. In 2009, she joined Abbott Nutrition, the US pharmaceutical company, as Regional Marketing Director while in 2015 she took over the entire business for Croatia as Abbott’s Nutrition Director. Over her 10 years at Abbott, she actively collaborated with various professional societies of the Croatian Medical Association and key international opinion leaders on numerous projects criti-cal to the reduction of malnutrition and tumor cachexia treat-ment, all in order to improve clinical outcomes and patient survival. She successfully coordinates and manages a team of young ambitious Abbott Nutrition employees and as a team they produce excellent business results from year-to-year. Suzana teaches postgraduate students at the Medical School, University of Zagreb in Management of health systems (LMHS), a postgraduate field of specialized study. She is the president of the Coordination of the Medical Nutrition Industry (KIMP) at HUP, which brings together clinical nutrition manufacturers (Nestle, Fresenius, Nutricia, Braun). Suzana is the recipient of the 2019 Abbott Nutrition Central Europe Leadership Award.

Published on August 28, 2022