Dr. Sc. Prim. Vanja Slijepčević-Saftić, Dr. Med.

Category: Science & TechnologyCountry: Switzerland

Vanja Slijepčević Saftić, is a renowned pediatric specialist with a subspecialty focus on pediatric neurology. Vanja is the only neurologist in Croatia that deals with the impact of the stress on neural disparities, general life and long-term impacts on overall health of abuse victims. Working with victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse and all manner of neglect, Vanja has devoted her work to early detection of all forms of violence and reprogramming victims to enable brighter futures for children of abuse. In the course of her work, Vanja continues to reinforce the significant economic impact of these issues Croatia. Her work has been recognized at world and domestic congresses and in print and electronic media. She participated in a public debate which developed the Draft National Strategy for Children’s Rights in the Republic of Croatia from 2014 to 2020. Vanja is Head of the International Charitable Club, Leo Lions Club Grič, Zagreb.

Published on August 28, 2022