Dr. Med. Nikolina Sesar

Category: Science & TechnologyCountry: Republic of Croatia

At the age of 35, Nikolina, is Croatia’s first female neurosurgeon. She currently works at the UHC Sisters of Mercy. Nikolina’s brave dive into this male-dominated profession is a tremendous example to all women in Croatia and around the world, confirming that hard work and dedication know no boundaries. She attributes her success to her large family, especially to her supportive husband. Furthermore, she has proven that motherhood does not need to be sacrificed as she has a one year old son. She is fluent in five foreign languages (English, Italian, French, Portugese and Spanish) and has studied and worked around the world. Throughout her life, Nikolina has always found a way to make her life exciting and different- by modeling, skydiving, scubadiving, sailing and painting. Nikolina’s proudest accomplishment is raising awareness and confidence of girls and women – and young men, by giving speeches, lectures and charity work.

Published on August 28, 2022