Dr. Med. Dent. Neda Caktas

Title: Journalist, Münchner Pressehaus- Münchner Merkur/ tz-MünchenTitle 2: President, Project Croatian HouseCategory: Leadership & InnovationCountry: Germany

Dr. Caktaš was born and raised in Zagreb with roots from Dalmatia. For years, she has been very active in the Croatian community of the Bavarian metropolis. Her goal has been to fight assimilation, especially among younger second and third generations of the upcoming intellectuals, children of Croatian settlers, and fighting for their better integration into the local German society, that is, for the cooperation with cultural, economic and political institutions of the host country. Being the Vice President of the Croatian World Congress for Germany, the first woman to hold this function at this honourable institution, Dr. Caktaš fostered the Association of Croatian students in Munich/ UHS to join the HSKNJ membership in 2015, and in collaboration with the students she organized the first PARADE FOR THE VICTIMS OF VUKOVAR outside Croatia under the auspices of the Congress. Alongside a variety of activities promoting the Croatian Corpus in the area of the Bavarian metropolis, in 2016 the founding assembly of the project “CROATIAN HOUSE’- KROATISCHES HAUS, she was unanimously elected president.

Published on August 27, 2022