Blanka Vlašić

Title: Athlete and OlympianCategory: SportCountry: Republic of Croatia

Blanka Vlašić is an inspiration to all of us! She is an athlete and high jump record holder, double world champion and vice-champion, European champion and world indoor champion. She is a two-time Olympic medalist: claiming silver in Beijing in 2008 and bronze in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. The International Association of Athletics Federations named her the World’s Athlete of the Year in 2010 and she also won the European Athlete of the Month award as much as six times. Branka was awarded the Split’s Athlete of the Year award in 2016. Blanka’s unshakable faith in God, as well as her perseverance and endurance have led her to the top of her field. Her message is a testament to all that a firm will and faith in yourself and God are a winning combination for success.

Published on August 27, 2022