Anita Martinac

Category: Arts & CultureCountry: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anita is a lawyer and veteran of the Homeland War for which she was awarded the Croatian Homeland War Memorial Medal in addition to two medals for operations „Ljeto 95“ and „Storm“. She is a much lauded poet and novelist having published 11 literary works of mainly poetry and three historical novels. Since 1994 her literary works have been presented in numerous international and domestic publications. Anita is a frequent participant in literary events. She is a member of the Society of Croatian Writers of Herceg-Bosna, Matrix Croatica and Croatian Woman Association- “Hrvatska žena”, Napredak. She is also president of the Croatian-World Congress Headquarters for the investigation of impacts of totalitarianisms in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Anita is actively engaged in numerous humanitarian and volunteer projects through various cultural organizations and associations.

Published on August 28, 2022