Ana Matulić

Title: Co-Founder – OPG Matulić, Pašman, Professor, French, Italian and LiteratureCategory: BusinessCountry: Republic of Croatia

Ana Matulić, a professor of Italian and French Languages and Literature, decided to live on the Island of Pašman where, together with her husband, she founded the family-run Farm Matulić. Today, they are well known across Europe, Ana for her cosmetic products and her husband for his gastronomic delicacies, the best known of which is pašmanero. Ana set off to France where she spent a month in Paris attending the prestigious school of French aromatherapy based on the principles of the Slow cosmétique movement. Conceived in 2012, this movement was initiated by Julien Kaibeck, Belgian journalist, publicist, social worker and aroma therapist. Upon returning from France, she started to invite many French national tourists to the Island of Pašman. Thanks to her engagement, the island of Pašman and the Gothic wooden cross from the Benedictine monastery at Ćokovac was awarded a star in Michelin’s 2016 Green Guide. Moreover, it is to Ana’s credit that the Island of Pašman and Île-aux-Moines, Brittany have established a strong friendship.

Published on August 27, 2022