Akademkinja Mirna Šitum, Dr. Med.

Category: Science & TechnologyCountry: Republic of Croatia

Dr. Situm is a leading Croatian and most frequently cited author, dermatove- nereologist and dermatooncologist with a prominent international scientific reputation in the fields of dermatologic oncology and psychodermatology. Since 2000, Prof. Šitum has been Department head of dermatovenereology at the Sestre milosrdnice University Hospital Center in Zagreb. She has pre- sided over 50 international scientific meetings and is an invited lecturer at global meetings. With more than 670 publications, of which 200 are scientific papers, she has participated in 17 scientific projects as an investigator and member of seven editorial boards of international scientific journals, 10 international professional societies, the European expert committee

“Euromelanoma day organization” and the global Vitiligo Research Founda- tion. She is the founder of two Croatian Referral Centers as well as the Croatian Vitiligo Biobank. She is a PhD mentor for 19 doctoral dissertations. She has been awarded numerous scientific and international awards, including the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Award and National Science Award. Her work so far has given a lasting, recognizable and significant contribution to Croatian and world medical sciences in her field.

Published on August 28, 2022