Marina Aleksandra Rukavina

Marina Aleksandra Rukavina

Category: Leadership & Innovation
Country: Republic of Croatia


International Travel and Tourism Consultant

For more than 20 years Marina Aleksandra Rukavina has been an area, regional and executive manager working for multiple international airlines in Croatia and abroad. Since 2013, she has been a freelance consultant in the transportation and hospitality industry engaging in various projects living and working in Hong Kong. Following her move back to Croatia she initiated a new project eight years ago – the Memorial site “Rose of Croatia “ on the island of Žirje, together with the economic revitalization of the island. Furthermore, she specializes in the health, sport and hunting tourism sectors that makes her business distinctively different and more challenging due to a pioneering environment, particularly in project management for private investors in other fields connected to the hospitality. In addition to fulfilling her passion for innovative and developing industry-leading products and services, Marina founded and lead the first cluster of the alternative forms of tourism, initiated and leads the unique project of the historical Croatian Marine Corps Centre that will reveal Croatian marine history from the early middle ages until today.