dr. sc. Rozelindra Čož Raković

dr. sc. Rozelindra Čož Raković

Category: Science & Technology
Country: Republic of Croatia


Head of Laboratory for Biotechnology in Aquaculture, Ruđer Bošković Institute

Rozelindra Čož-Rakovac has contributed to the development of science at Ruđer Bošković Institute, and throughout the Republic of Croatia, considering the fact that she has approx-imately 100 publications in highly ranked scientific journals. She has also had a great impact in writing and realization of approximately 50 domestic and international projects, where she is a lead supervisor on ongoing projects such as Scientific Center of Excellence for Marine Bioprospecting, Bioprospecting of the Adriatic Sea (5 mil Euro), HORIZON 2020, PerformFISH, INTERREG Adriatic-Ionian Program BIOECO-R.D.I. She founded the Laboratory for Biotechnology in Aquaculture and is also a co-founder of the “Croatian Center for Indige-nous Fish and Crayfish, Otočac” 2007-2008: PHARE project. Over the years, she has received numerous awards, the most recent of which is the National Science Award in 2018. Her research interest are focused on determining the biological potential of environmental substances, evaluating biological stress indicators, developing biological markers in order to detect ecosystem disturbances, as well as evaluation of immunomodulators for aquaculture applications.